PaleoFiber® RS


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PaleoFiber® RS contains two forms of resistant starch (RS) type II: organic green banana flour and organic potato starch powder. RS is a type of starch that is resistant to digestion, as enzymes in the GI tract are inactive against it. Once RS reaches the large intestine, it is fermented into short chain fatty acids, which are used as fuel for both beneficial microbes and enterocytes of the GI tract.

PaleoFiber® RS benefits GI health through its ability to support microbial balance and proper intestinal permeability and integrity. Additionally, this formula may help support optimal blood sugar and insulin levels, appetite control, and cardiovascular health.

PaleoFiber® RS

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Common starches differ from RS in that they are broken down into glucose molecules in the upper GI tract by enzymes produced in the mouth, pancreas and small intestinal brush-border. This glucose is absorbed quickly, resulting in rapid and sometimes dramatic rises in blood glucose. The PaleoFiber® RS blend delivers 4g of RS along with 3g of regular starch, which is not likely to cause a significant rise in blood glucose.

Three ingredients in PaleoFiber® RS—two resistant starch (RS) and arabinogalactan—are fermentable, which confers them with prebiotic properties. RS is metabolized by colonic bacteria into short chain fatty acids such as propionate, butyrate, acetate and lactate. The fermentation of RS and other fibers results in a lowering of colon pH, which makes this environment unfavorable for many pathogens. Studies with RS supplementation have revealed that RS promotes increases in several bacterial populations (Bifidobacteria, Actinobacteria and Bacteroidetes, Ruminococcus bromii, Eubacterium rectale) while diminishing populations of detrimental pathogens (E.coli, Pseudomonas, firmicutes).

PaleoFiber® RS may benefit individuals with:

Low fiber, low carbohydrate and/or high fat diets
Dysbiosis; diarrhea; constipation
Intestinal permeability; malabsorption syndromes
Inflammatory bowel conditions
Dysregulated glucose management; dyslipidemia
Excess body fat
10 grams (approx. one scoop)